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I found this cute little video on youtube:

I find it a little hypnotizing, so I wanted to share the brainwashing with some of my watchers. ;)


At 2:09:39

YouTube sees this video as inappropriate or offensive. What do you think?
I did not kick the dog. I gently pushed her with my foot to move her out of the way. Then my overweight twin overreacts and thinks I kicked her. I explain to him that I didn't kick her, but he says that I shouldn't even be doing that. WHAT? WHY NOT? If it's not hurting her, then what's the problem? And, of course, my fat twin's yelling gets the attention of my younger bother. That ugly sicko who goes to me and sternly asks me, "did you kick the dog?" I said "No, I didn't." He doesn't say a word to me. He just goes straight to the dog and pets her. He doesn't acknowledge my answer. It's as if he didn't believe me.

He's a little too over protective of the dog. Not surprising. One time, I saw him looking into the dog's anus. I saw the look on his ugly face. It looked like he enjoyed it. I need brain bleach just thinking about it. Even earlier then that, there was another sick incident. He was on all fours, petting the smaller dog. When he comfortably let the bigger one sniff his anus. I say to the big dog "stop it." Then my ugly bother replies to me saying, "dogs do that." And continues what he's doing, not even stopping the big dog. I should have replied to that, but I didn't. I should have said something like, "Yes I know dogs that. That doesn't mean I want to see it." Now I got that imagine of my younger brother on all fours comfortably letting a dog sniff his anus stuck in my head. Augh!

So, yeah. I hate my brothers. They suck. I can't wait for the fat one to move out. That's one less I have to deal with.
I legitimately have no love for any of my family members right now. I hate all of them. They irritate the shit out of me. They're all either ugly, gross, sick in the head, annoying, or just plain jerks.
Dear sister, when you were visiting last time in spring, I was in a bad mood. I was ignoring you, yes. But I wasn't just ignoring you, but everyone, okay? But you yelled at me and cursed me off, instead of, oh, I don't know, MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS! I wasn't hurting anyone, was I? I regret not stand up for myself in a much more assertive, harsh way, as for you got the point to shut up and screw off. And I wish I didn't apologize for not paying attention to you, cause you didn't deserve an apology. I know it's I half a year later, but it still gets me angry thinking about it, and I need to let some of that anger out by writing an angry journal entry.…

Very interesting.

If I were you Canadians, I'd refuse to comply with this law. If enough Canadians refuse to comply, then the law should be compromised. No way Canada could arrest, say, half, or one third it's population. But That's up to you people.

According to tcr, the House already passed the bill: Start listening at around 1:50:00…

I may leave the internet because of this.